środa, 28 czerwca 2017

Kadr tygodnia: The Great Train Robbery (1979)

Miriam: I remember when we first met. I gave the most awful performance in Way of The World. I went to my dressing room and there were the beautiful flowers you'd sent me. And then you walked in.
Pierce: Flowers?
Miriam: Dozens of them. They were wonderful.
Pierce: I didn't send any. Must have been someone else. I walked in and you thanked me.
Miriam: You're teasing me.
Pierce: Bloody waste of good money, flowers.
Miriam: You didn't?
Pierce: No.
Miriam: Really?
Pierce: I had them at a good price. I robbed a grave.
Miriam: All you ever think about is money.
Pierce: All anyone ever thinks about is money.

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